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 The Rules (Read Before Posting!)

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PostSubject: The Rules (Read Before Posting!)   Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:43 am

No Profanity. This is Board Directory's rule, not mine. The whole entire forum itself could get shut down if this rule is not followed. Thankfully there's a censoring tool. I promise I'm not trying to censor free speech here, but it's just safer this way. Anyone who does this will be banned. No Warnings.

No Content of a Sexual, or Pornographic Nature. Anyone who does this will be banned. No Warnings.

No solicitation. Anyone who does this will be banned. No Warnings.

All rules posted in the descriptions of each forum are official rules. Anyone who breaks them will be moderated. Repeat offenders will be banned, no warnings.

As far as the debate forums go, all moderators have complete right to ban, or moderate any user they deem necessary, respect will be upheld and anyone who violates that respect will be banned. No warnings.

This goes for the RPG forums as well, and the Media forums. We are not here to coddle, console, or empathize if you are here to disrespect, cause strife, or be a troll. This rule is final. I don't care if you didn't read these, and didn't know, the title says Read Before Posting, so if you didn't read before posting then you are already not following the forum rules.

For now that is all, but all mods have the right to add to these rules, and any updates will be sticky'd so you can read them before posting. This includes members who already read the old rules, if you post before reading any new ones, then you are not following the rules.

Really, just love each other, have a good time, and don't troll. That is all.
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The Rules (Read Before Posting!)
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