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 Some of My Works

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PostSubject: Some of My Works   Mon May 31, 2010 12:37 pm


Lake of Fire

Part 1~ The Gathering

In lands of Brass, in lands of Fire
Stood an ancient, dark, tall tower
The shadow of it, covered the land
And filled the valleys with an air of command
High it stood on solid rock
Grown from stubborn metal stock
In its habitation, was a figure
A shape which possessed no splendor
Dark, tall, and cruel in form
Whose anger arose great in storm
His mind mused over his fallen state
And remembered the bode of his ill fate
He gnashed his teeth and slammed his fist
And around him, he gathered a great dark mist
To himself, he promised great revenge
On his Creator whom he, would avenge
He gathered his wings and took to flight
And flew from his place into the night
His breath, went heavily, from mouth sulfur
With each flap, his character grew more hauteur
He flew o’er the land which ran with molten rock
And saw the land jutted with volcanoes lock
The valleys endlessly ran with rivers of fire
The mountains poured flaming falls that were dire
Pouring into gaps and caves of that world unknown
Excepting those who lived there who sat alone
Many creatures both great and small
Hideous, ugly, minor and tall
Possessed the caverns that ran underneath
Who would from Him they would entreat
They burned with fire, eaten by worm
But neither dying but always infirm
These victims cursed their righteous God
Who threw them down to Hellish sod
From heaven to hell, from bliss to curse
To never again share in His great universe
On, the winged shape flew, over his land renewed
Which formally was empty, cool, and covered with rock
Now was filled with lakes and channels of fiery stock
He flew into the cap of a great mountain
Which breathed smoke, no flaming fountain
And met his companions who abided there
Who scratched their skin which had many a tear
He alighted just outside their presence, and here he spoke
“Hail Lords. The age grows long, as we good folk
Bicker amongst ourselves, and brood on our thoughts
And breed up plans, for battles to be fought
Now come ye all. And in counsel gather in
For many things must be done, for our chance to win
Back our pride, dispose our shame
And win our glory, power, and fame”
Then Beelzebub, spoke, and hissed through fangs
“Your speech, sounds so sudden, senseless, and strange
For how do you propose we avenge ourselves?
We who have fallen, we who are twelve
Lucifer, Mammon, Pride, and Fear
Anger, Murder, and our other peers
Adultery, False-mouth, Cruel, Twist-and-Gild
Betrayer, Dishonor, and the giant Self-Willed
We used to be great, now we are small
Ever since our Betrayal, and ever since our fall
Betrayer was the one who carried this plan
And Pride was the first to become his fan
Mammon agrees with me, and so does Cruel
We wish to be in the courts above, not with you fools.”
“Silence!” thundered Satan, for that was his name
The great father of lies who’d lost great fame
Another name of his was Sin, and he was the head
And he never laid to sleep, on any couch or bed
He breathed great fire, and blew great smoke
As some have been told, by older folk
“Is this Betrayer’s words I here among ye?
Or is it Fear’s speech that you do feed?
I have talked with others. With Lord All-War
And he is with my plan, and my purposes he is for
False-Mouth, and Lucifer have seconded my goal
We all have a plan to win some future souls
You may have heard of ancient work
That stays above all created murk.”
At this, they all cocked their ears
Including, Mammon, Cruel, and Fear
More gathered, to hear Sin’s plan
Creatures, demons, toward him ran
Serpents hissed, and dragons growled
All these were ugly in shape and foul
These, Sin had not created, shaped, nor formed
But by the help of Twist-and-Guild, had stolen and reformed
When Satan had fallen from heaven on high
And when he and his companions, at God defy
They had taken with them, these creatures from earth
And by the assistance of Cruel, and lowered their worth
They are now the creatures, and shadows, of Hell’s crowd
And before Satan, and his companions, they did bow
They are his slaves, his workers, and tools
And to evil, they serve, under power and rule
Satan stood straighter, and scanned the host
And saw his great army, and his mind did boast
He remembered seeing the legions of heaven
And he had no doubt, that strong were his men
He looked at Giant Ignorance, who had doubt on his face
He was the least of the demonic tribes, of his Hellish race
His brother was Giant Sloth, and his sister, Careless
They had never looked to triumph, or success
Unless they were swayed, by Lord Smooth-Tongue
He was clever in thoughts to disarm and unstrung
Satan looked down on his followers, and here he begun

Part 2~ The Uprising

“Lords, Giants, you who are friends
I implore you to hear me to the end
For my words are not my own, my speech is not for me
But for you to have, be known, power is all for thee
You will attain your status; you will regain your pride
And we will reign together, in heaven, on high.”
Here he received shouts, disapprovals, and noise of hostility
Giant Ignorance scoffed, not wanting to hear of vain prosperity
Sloth yawned, but Mammon eagerly listened
Thinking of gold and jewels that he did intend
Cruel gave an ear, while sharpening his sword
Waiting to hear the speech of his good lord
False-Mouth stood with his brother, Lord Smooth-Tongue
And their cousins, Lord Blasphemy, and Truth-Unsung
Pride and Anger crossed their arms and held their ground
While the wolves gave off a howling sound
Satan held his hand, and silenced the crowd once more
And Ill-Fate his servant, sat at his feet, wanting war
Some say he was a vampire, others say he was a rat
And blood was his desire, while others say he was a cat
“Friends,” Satan said with less favor towards them
“You should all be more careful. Or you all I’ll condemn.
Now listen once more, and hear my words
And to my wisdom and plan, let it be heard
I have discovered, by sorcery art
That the Cursed One love he has impart
For high above us, on beautiful earth
He has created and given birth
A man of strength, splendor and might
And on him, His image, and in him, His light
He’s been made a little lower then the heavenly angels
And with God he talks, and in His presence he dwells
He’s not alone, and he’s not weak
For someone else, is his of great unique
A woman, of beauty, of knowledge, and might
Who’s devoted to this man, and lives in God’s sight
They are bone of bone, and flesh of flesh
And their marriage has been intermeshed.
But the point of my plan, is this
In that earth, in that fruitful bliss
Is a tree, with fruit of amazing work
And it is this tree which we must lurk
For this tree is the tree of life
And from it, man can eternally dwell from all strife
If he does know and see of this
And take hold of this blessed bliss
Then he will live, forever, from all sin
And blessed and righteous will be his kin
So let us now, divert his acts
And in righteousness, make his spirit lack
Behold, there’s another tree, of cunning work
That can make man, his soul, to hurt
A tree of knowledge, of good and evil
Bearing fruit, if eaten, in man’s heart instill
The knowledge and destruction of his soul
And bring down his authority as a whole
If he eats this fruit and disobeys His word
Then he will, with our chains, do gird
If he betrays like what we have done
Then from righteousness and holiness he will have shunned.”
At this, Satan raised his fist towards the fiery sky
And said in a thundering voice, and with a piercing cry
“We will have our revenge! And dispose our shame!
And win back our titles and glorious name!
We will win that which is ours, and rule that which we own
And we will sit on majestic and hellish thrones.”
The cry of hell went up to the dark atmosphere
And the night of Hell closed about very near
Anger and lust went deeper into their hearts
And the evil host did thus depart
With the help of Smooth-Tongue, did Satan do his speech
And with Anger and Lord Lust they then did teach
To all who would hear and all who would with will
Learn more of the corrupted things of Hell and of evil
Therefore, in that age, Satan laid out his plan
And showed how they would corrupt the soul of man
With this in mind, Hell’s inhabitants took off and scattered
To prepare for the work for their goal that would be occurred
Satan went back to his dark tower
And there alighted on a black spire
Gripping the hard black rock that ran with heat
He fueled his pleasure, and thought of future deceit
The earth did tremble at the mysterious power
That went out from Hell at that sorry hour
And the creatures of Earth, did perk up their ears
Wondering and waiting, not knowing the coming fear
The angels sang on, in the heavens above
And the Trinity Divine continued to shower with love
On Creation and Man, and the work of his hands
And continued to bless the fruitful plants and lands
As God did watch, he saw Satan rise
Out from Hell to seek out his awaited prize
His son, Emmanuel, shedded a tear
Knowing what was to come of this dreadful fear

Part 3~ Earth and Man

Now, on Earth it’s been said
That God did walk, and with man, He led
Onto blessings and glories greatly unbound
And let him hear the most heavenly sound
The voices and songs of angels above
Proclaiming praises for His great endless love
And rejoicing for the heavens and the earth
And their magnitude and foundations existing by birth

Now there was a head and leader among men
A servant and King at that time then
For to him was given power and authority over all the earth
And by this be servant and steward to Him who was his worth
This leader, was one named Adam, servant of God, Father of all
Devoted to Shaddai, with pure and righteous heart, before the Fall
So was his wife, Eve, mother of mankind
And in Adam, in union and love, was bind
From his side, she came to exist
And to Adam’s work did she assist
Together they lived, long in life
And not a quarrel was shed, nor anger nor strife
Offspring abundant came forth from them
And cherished they were, like the heavenly diadem
No pain or hurt came to Eve during birth
During that blissful age on earth
Pain did not exist; hurt or scorch was never seen
Nothing in Creation was ugly, nothing was obscene
For perfect was man, and the Creation of the Universe
And nothing was corrupted, evil or perverse

There was only one path that could lead Man astray
That was from him disobeying Shaddai’s holy ways
A command He gave to Adam and his wife
That they might live a righteous and holy life
A tree that bore forbidden fruit
If eaten, would make man after death pursuit
And from God’s Spirit, leave the world destitute
Making man’s body to perish, and his soul to live
In Heaven or Hell, and become a blessed or cursed fugitive
So thus, staying away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
They continued on the work, and did God’s will
As time went on, Adam’s offspring grew great in number
And in four great cities, did they righteously administer
The first was Mansoul, the smaller of the three
But the most important, where there was celebrated a great jubilee
Here Shaddai reigned, and many an order went out from Him
For the care of the world; as He sat between the cherubim
These orders went to Adam and Eve, to where they lived
Many a care they accomplished, many a good thing they did
The second city that they dwelt in was Mansmind
Where they distributed the orders throughout mankind
To the other two cities that stood from them
Like two great branches branching from a great stem
These great cities stood, with great walls high
Though, Man, not in strength or power boast, but in God, glorify
Mansheart and Mansstrength, were these cities’ names
And great was each cities’ people, strength, and fame
Mansstrength was a garrison and the largest of the three
And it held an army of great power and degree
Reserved to help those living in the other cities
And whatever great work or load there was, they would appease
And Shaddai in them would be greatly pleased

Mansheart was the strongest of all
And great was its people and thick were its walls
Only one gate led into this great town
Famous was its name and structure in the world renown
The name of the gate was Surrender
And its architecture was broad in splendor
The gate was bright steel, covered in silver scrolls
But was more like a drawbridge, let down as a whole
A moat ran near the foot of the gate
And round the castle did it circulate
Ever clean were its waters, and healing was its touch
And happiness, hope, and laughter did it provide much
The gate and the city were important in a way
For if both were overtaken, the others would sway
And guarded and watched the gate was kept
So that no enemy, to it crept
Though they had not seen any sign of evil seer
God had told them, that to surrender to one, would come consequences severe

Mansstrength had three gates that faced toward the cities three
Gate Help bore the Watch towers, and could in aid foresee
And issue men, supplies, and workers to support
And many a load or problem in work they did assort
Whether tending to the Garden of Eden that lay all around
Or preparing a great composition with great musical sound
For the glory of God and the praise of the heavens
By the help of children, youth, women, or men
Or to assist a child in the knowledge of God
Or to study the ground and the fertile sod
By this gate, the people of Mansstrength helped
And many saw the kindness; and from this city, felt
The blessings of God from heaven above
And the great joy from Emmanuel, and his boundless love
Gate Skill held the armory, weapons, and tools
Made by the hands of wise men, and by no fool
Here it was learned, the skill in everything
And many a new craft, did youth do bring
Glorifying Shaddai and His son Emmanuel
From toys to musical instruments, from nails to citadels
Here through this gate, these people would pass their art
Great or small, wide or lean; these things they would to heaven impart
And when Shaddai saw these things, he blessed them with great praise
Even the angels and creatures of heaven and earth, inspected these, amazed
These things of art, this city made
And before God, they were laid
But also to the benefit for others
And to the rest of the three cities would they be transferred
To glorify Shaddai, and to bless their neighbor
And seek both blessings in return, and great favor
This was the largest and tallest gate of this city

The last was called Gate Diligence
And here, it was by this, Mansstrength proved obedience
And by this, they proved their faithfulness
And their joy in righteousness, they did express
By this gate, the city delivered and received their messages
From Mansmind would they receive and obey orders, plans and their tutelage
Angels often, bore the happy tidings, to the cities four
And deliver them to everyone’s shop or door
Gate Diligence was the entrance that was guarded most
And many men grew wary and awake at their post
For if the gate was lost, then the others would fall
For it was the main gate to the city’s great walls
And if the walls were taken, the city was doomed
And everyone inside would then be consumed
So by these three gates, and by its walls
Its fame went high, far, and tall
The city remained great, and Shaddai’s supporter of all

Mansmind was the second most essential city
For it was by this, that they sent out Shaddai’s decrees
Being the head of all the cities, and standing in the north
Every seventh day, it would call for all families to come forth
From Mansstrength, Mansheart, and Mansoul
While the music played and the bells tolled
But no waves of loud clanging resound from these
Instead, soft, but loud notes floated along the breeze
Enchanting it was, and beautiful was the sound
As its musical notes, came between the cities to resound
The seventh day, was a special and glorious time
For it was the day, Shaddai rested from Creation sublime
Everyone gathered, to hear the message, told by Adam and Eve
Of Shaddai’s love, Emmanuel’s joy, and creatures to perceive
The glories of Creation, the creatures of the ground and air
And then at the end, have for the gathering, blessed and had a prayer
And Shaddai and his son, the angels, and the heavenly host
Heard the words of this couple, that praised Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
This was what was so special and important about this place
For an appointed person, would go out being parson, to preach God’s grace
To tell the people, of His love for them, and their faithfulness and obedience
Telling them of their duty to always remain faithful; and of God’s providence
Calling on them daily, to be faithful, and always do right
And always be holy; faithful, and a blessing in God’s sight
Reminding them to not pick of the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree
Or else sin and death would cover the land and heavens, like a great, tumultuous sea
This parson, was no other, then my good lord, Sir Conscience
He was also the guard and general for Mansmind’ defense
And was the keeper of the gate, Gate Holy and Gate Captive
And for the watching of both, he was always tentative
Also he was the keeper of Gate Remembrance, and Gate Faithful
To be always wary for the safety and defense of these, and their control
Gate Captive was the entrance that received the tidings and plans
And Gate Holy was where Shaddai’s word was read for every clan
Gate Remembrance received the gifts from Mansstrength
Gifts of beauty, and glory, of great size or length
And Gate Faithful, the teaching of knowledge was held
Where all children, from the cities, would in unity meld
Learning the things of heaven and earth, of God’s work
And from the Tempter’s differing ways and ideas, to shirk
Mansmind was indeed, a very important place
Where many would learn Emmanuel’s wonderful grace
How he worked with His father Shaddai, within Creation
And how everything they planned, had not been left undone
Emmanuel created the light, the creatures of earth, and the wonderful man
And how the angels learned of the way the world and the universe began
This city, was a most blessed city, and Shaddai loved it

Mansoul, last but not least, was the center of the three
And as I told you, there was celebrated a great jubilee
A jubilee, of dancing, singing, and joyous play
For that is one of Shaddai and Emmanuel’s ways
This festivity, was done, in honor of Shaddai
And of Emmanuel; both were glorified
The angels did sing, and man with instrument, played
And many a stunt and skill, during the feast, was displayed
Shaddai and Emmanuel didn’t themselves, eat or drink
But with man, woman, and child, would to them speak
The feast was a glorious one, filled with different fruits
And herbs, vegetable; these for man and child did suit
No meat was roasted, neither fish, animal, or bird
According to the Trinity’s holy word
“Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the land
Like the stars of the heavens, and the grains of sand
Have dominion over the fish, the birds, and any living thing
From the ant to the lion, from the fly to the bird that does sing
From the bird to the dragon that eats greatly, from the lion to the flying dragon
The shrimp to the great whale, from the locust to the sea-herb shark that is under the sun
All these I have given thee, to have dominion over them
From the four corners of earth, to the universe’s hem
All of these you may rule over and take care
Over the fish, the hummingbird, and the bear
And over each one’s kind
Be gentle to them. You and mankind
May have the herb of the ground, and fruit of the trees
And of the honey from the comb, that comes from the bees
All of these I have give to you, be grateful and fill the earth
Everything I’ve created, is of my blessing, and is for your worth.”
This Shaddai had said, on the sixth day that he took to create the world
The stars, the planets, the sun, the moon, the trees, the sky with winds that He furled
So the feast was done every night
Whether in Shaddai’s presence or in His sight
And it made glad, the spirit of all man
The music and song went forth across the land
But besides the jubilee, that made Mansoul so key
The town, also had gates of great size; I think you would agree
Only one entrance to the inside, double gates they were
Gate Righteous, administered by the keeper Lord Good-Character
It was the only entrance into the city; and the only gate that shined with inner light
For Shaddai and Emmanuel, dwelt in the city, and the people inside, were they’re delight
By this gate, Shaddai and his son, entered through
With His angels, carrying banners of white and blue
By this gate entered and exited both, man, woman, and child
Blessed they were by Shaddai; but by Satan reviled

Now you have seen these cities four
And in many things, have you explored
And now I’ll bring you back, to Satan’s host
That which defies, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
And recount of the amassing of forces, and their journey to earth
To see of this highly and exalted man, and his greatness and worth
Oh woe to man and the Creation, for Sin has come
The head, and prisoner of Hell; who had become
Oh, if only man’s eyes were like Shaddai’s eyes
Keeping watch over the evil in oblivion, and good in paradise

Part 4~ The Coming Darkness

Hammer and tongs, smote on many an anvil
Forging weapons of cruelty and malice; boding ill
The fires of Hell, loomed out in great walls
Descending in burning liquid falls
Of melted rock, acid, and brimstone
As many weapons and blades were honed
Thousands of spears, maces, and blades
All, armoring Satan’s forces of renegades
With the help of Cruel, Murder, Lucifer, and Ill-Fate
Forged the weapons, and tools that would assassinate
Under the direction of Lord All-War and great False-Mouth
They forged the armor and darkness, in Chaos a realm; south
False-Mouth forged a great metal belt; calling it False Witness
Being made against Truth, having some power to suppress
Lord All-War had metal taken from a fallen meteor and made into armor
Naming it Wickedness; purposed to have a seraphim’s defense administer
Also boots to equip their feet for the preparation and training of bloodshed
And girding their limbs to have power and force over peace; to be tread
Shields were made, a certain piece of armor called Faith
But was made by the hand of Ignorance; a Giant and wraith
It’s metal was of stubborn stock
And hard and cold it was, from an ancient rock
Possessing rare ore, which only obstinate eyes and hands could search
Giant Sloth held no interest in these; though his brother did great research
The last piece that went with these
And for Satan, did greatly please
Was the helmet, strong and of cunning skill
Having great Hellish enchantments; with lies to fill
The mind, heart, soul, strength, to weaken them all
And crumble one’s foundation, and make it fall
Bondage it was named, and made by Ignorant’s hand
Dark thoughts within it would inflame, and against truth it would withstand
This helmet weakened one’s thinking, and strengthened one’s evil goals
Dispersing of all truth, making it sinking and binding Sin to one’s soul
Now was forged the prime weapon, the most used in all forces
The common tool for war, and great were its number resources
The sword, a blade, which man doth know
With justice and discrimination on all bestowed
Taking pleasure to present its name
And producing it to Satan, from Hell’s flames
Pride revealed the Sword of Death; holding Satan’s might
Pleasing all the demons who possessed it, and great was their delight
Satan, also known as Sin, grasped the handle and accepted the blade
And holding it high, cried out, “This blade will make man and Earth afraid
For now we have a weapon to revenge us, against Emmanuel and Shaddai
And on many will this blade’s edge fall, and silent corpses will it multiply
Let us now go forward, and take over the Earth
Take up your shield, helmet, armor, and girth
And let us take over, the work of the Cursed God above
Who claims He is all powerful, all knowing, filled with infinite love
And mar, destroy, and mock His design
And on His works and His law, entwine.”
In answer to this Hellish speech
While the twisted creatures, howled and screeched
A thousand spears and shields were raised
And swords were drawn with edges ablaze
Shield on spear were beaten together
Loud was the clashing that did occur
The flame that wrapped around all Hellish blades
Even the black flame that ran along the edge and stayed
Burst forth in a small pillar of churning inferno
Like a tornado that is not wet or dark, but is aglow
The flame did rise, as the swords were held high
And then shot forth into the oblivion sky
Satan drew his blades from behind his back
Which were possessed with inner demoniac
He drew both blades from his flaming sheath
While with his forces in Hell underneath
Both were called The Sword of Death
The tool of Hell and it’s very breathe
This was the pride of him who was known as Sin
For its edge was to be used on man to discipline
Black darkness and all unearthly shade
Did drift forth from Satan and onto the blade
And when it covered the Hellish weapon in dark and gloom
Did seep into the metal, and stink with death’s ugly fumes
Then did Satan cross his blades and hold them before him
And the host of Hell, the wolves, dragons and seraphim
Did stamp and howl, did cry and screech
As they saluted and gnashed their teeth
Without another word, to his Hellish host
He flew forth, and from that burning coast
He made his way to Hell’s Great Gates
And there did Hell’s forces congregate
Then the doors drew wide to a long and broad road
Where now, over the turf their feet did strode
This path was wide and long, with no border in sight
Even if searched from a great and tall highth
This piece near Hell was known as Wickedness
Where man with a conscious mind, would there transgress
Along that broad and exceedingly great wide path
Were fell beasts, snares, pits, nets, and cruel traps
Deadly courses where in time, heaps of corpses would pile ‘round
Cries of anguish, laughs of cruelty, and the moan of death would then surround
In time, it would fill that path with cries of pain
For death and torture would never refrain
But meanwhile, the path remained silent, with no cries of plea
No implores for deliverance, no entreats to be free
All that could be heard, in that coming dark day
Were the feet that in bloodshed, were then array
Over the traps, snares, and deep dark pits
The host did run, like one huge spirit
They passed unharmed and did not stagger
And up the path, the army did shift and stir
Coming to the second half of the road that led to Hell
The snares and traps got simpler, smaller and less
Easy for a man to get free, if he knew how to suppress
This second half of the road was called Sin
Where most of man would in foolishness begin
Walking with a rejected or darkened conscience
And reject the Law in little steps of negligence
It is rare for a man to walk to Hell
Without lies or darkness, confusion or spell
To possess his thoughts, and pollute his mind
And keep his eyes from becoming blind
It is indeed rare, for man to walk with open wits
And know what lies before him, whether trap or pit

Having been able to cross over the more dangerous traps
They were all the more able to leap over small gaps
For this reason, that these snares did not harm their feet
Was not because these weren’t in effect, or there makers being discreet
To watch where their foot alighted
Making sure they did not oversight
But because, all these snares could discern a demon, from a man
And from a host of seraphim, and from the immortal’s clan
If a man’s foot, leg, hand, or arm passed near a snare
Would close suddenly on it and would greatly to him, impair
For the traps and snares, and pits that had been made
Were by the hands of Hell’s creatures, fallen and degrade
The metal work of these crafty instruments of Wickedness
Had enchantments and sorcery having choice on anyone, to oppress

While they moved upward the slippery and steep path of Sin
And the path behind them sloped down to where they’d begin
Each demon contemplated what reward he’d attain
Once man to Sin, was damned and held by demonic chain
Some thought one thing, and one, different
But whatever reward they thought of, they were all the more fervent
Mammon thought of gold, silver, and the gems of earth
Things that were physical, and considered of great worth
Adultery thought of the bodies of man
When it would defile marriage’s plan
Adultery was the sister of the great, Lord Cruel
From him, she learned arts and crafts for making great fools
Seeking to pervert man and wife
And to cause contention and strife
Murder and Anger, twin brothers
Sons of Apollyon their father
Sought revenge by the blood of mankind
Revengeful and hatful thoughts they did find
Cruel, Twist-and-Guild, and Lucifer
Ill-Fate, Giant Ignorant, and Betrayer
All thought of one thing; one thing in mind
To take God’s Truth from man’s eyes and make them blind
To make him see only wickedness and sin
And thus have the age of darkness then begin

And Satan and his followers did suspect
That their plan would be put into affect
Though they could not see into the future days
And know what was God’s plan and ways
They determined that they would, in this age
Accomplish in Earth’s creation, to be assuaged
Though Satan did not take it to thought
That perhaps his plan would come to naught
And that he would receive the wrath of Shaddai
And the rage of His son, who reigned on high
But taking into account that if he went by concealment
His absence would go unnoticed, and his plan he could implement
Oh, but what folly was his plan and notion
To think that God Omnipotent, could be outdone
To lie to oneself and say that “God does not see”
When His eyes can pierce the earth, sky, and sea
His watch and his great sight
Piercing the thickest shadow and the night
Seeing into the brooding thoughts of Hell
To the hole and tunnel where the ant dwells
But being encouraged by Giant Ignorant
With words of folly, into hearts he could implant
Satan went forward and led his army onward
Thinking that they were unseen and unheard
By the arts of a Sorcerer known as Fleeing-Shadow
He made the air darker around them, and light unknown

Thus they came to the end of their flight, and the head of the broad way
And the dragons above did then alight, and at that place they halted to stay
In front of this mighty host that gathered there
As the darkness that surrounded them polluted the air
Were two strong and mighty gates of thick iron
But this barrier that stood, did not to anyone concern
For they were the Gates of Temptation
Guarded by no Hellish garrison
But only one keeper, could open it at will
A giant who had the strength and the skill
He was known as Portray-Lust, handsome outside, but evil within
One who would show, wanderers from Shaddai, where to begin
Showing the things of this world, and not the rewards of Paradise from the Beloved
The banner of Promise he would unfurl, but not the banner of Judgment from God above
Though these things had not yet come to pass, alas, they would soon come
And then the earth would fall to Hell’s amassed, and to Sin would succumb
Satan and his followers were very certain of mind
That they would be able to devastate Earth’s mankind
And their speculation, was only to true
As you shall see with Satan and Eve’s interview

Thus they came to the Gates of Temptation
And no weariness on any of them had begun
Satan waited as Giant Portray-Lust came forth from his lair
And though darkness was polluting the stale and dry air
Everyone of Hell could see each other, around them, and everything
For darkness is the Wicked’ light; hating the true light that shines and sings
For the foolish, the Wicked and those of heart that is foolish and ignorant
Walk by sight, not by faith; thus there life remains crooked and aslant
Then without one word, to Satan and his demonic host great
The giant pulled the iron bars, unlocked, and pushed open the twin gates
Satan then ensued forward, followed by his army of seraphim in the rear
With False-Mouth, the lords Smooth-Tongue, Blasphemy, and Sir Fear
Through the gates and out from the broad path, they entered into empty space
And there they stood aghast, wondering how come this oblivion and nether place
For when the gates had been erected, and the threshold been built
And Hell had been perfected, and Satan had fallen for his guilt
They had not taken to note, this empty place
Nor this great infinite space
For when one stepped out from those mighty doors
And withdrew from the broad way’s dry-cracked floors
One would immediately see the Gates of Earth, not far from him
And see the Earth’s fruitful and bright ground, and the atmosphere’s brim
But now as I have said, there was a void, full of darkness that separated them
Without sun, moon, planets, comets, and the stars that shone forth like diadems
There was no sight of the Gates of Earth, nor of the space of the Universe
As seeing all these things void, Satan gnashed his teeth and greatly cursed
Remembering that Shaddai had made distinction from darkness and light
As He made the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser to rule by night
And thereby so, by his evil actions
His own prison, he had made and spun
He thought for a moment, and then turned to his servant Fleeing-Shadow
Who had during their flight, had made darkness and mist from him flow
He commanded him to make a way to release them from that place
So striding up deeper into that void, this demon’s servant drew his mace
And smote that dark curtain, making a gap and paving a way
How he did such a feat of seeming impossibility, I cannot say
But I can confess that the powers of Hell are great in sorcery and filled with cunning art
Having been twisted and made deep within the recesses of Hell, mocking Shaddai’s heart
So once Fleeing-Shadow had made a gap for entrance to the Gates of Earth
Satan led onward his mighty host, like water into a pure sea from a polluted firth

When the last of them had exited that great abyss
And came finally to great Universe bliss
The gap that they had went through, closed behind them
And like darkness meeting night, closed off every torn hem
Satan looked behind, but the void was no where in sight
Nor of the gap that entranced to Hell from their great flight
Satisfied with this notion of being out from fiery internal
And from the horrors that racked his mind from great infernal
He continued on with his mighty force
And towards Earth, they continued on their course
It was but short time that they came near to the gates
That the angels had erected, which Shaddai had create
The double doors were made of folded and hammered steel
And bearing the mark of Shaddai, and Emmanuel’s seal
No angels went forth or out from those gates
For they were at that point, in heaven to congregate
For what reason or purpose, Satan did not know why
Though it bothered him to wonder, if they had been spied
Wondering if Shaddai was preparing to stop his goal
And smite him, his lords, and army as a hole
But wishing not to discourage himself with Lord Fear’s endless nervousness
He strode up to the gate to acquire it and to himself, possess

But then he stopped short and again looked at the gates
And another thing set against him, and made him exasperate
For not only barred and locked were these gates renowned
But also by seven chains strong and heavy, were bound
Links as large as a man’s hand
Made with great strength to withstand
Any seraphim’s blow; whether of Heaven or Hell
For the strength of Shaddai within it dwelled
The names of those great chains
That Shaddai had ordained
Were Resistance, Rejection-against-Hell, Protection
By-Man’s-Word, God’s-Will, Innocence, and God’s Holy-One
And no one, whether man, angelic, or demonic
Could smite the chains asunder; they that were heavy and thick
But Sin would not heed to discretion, nor wisdom
And instead, to the words of Ignorance, he succumbed
With a cry, Satan drew his twin blades and smote the set of chains
But the blades were thrown back, showing his attempt was vain
But encouraged by Pride and his servant Ill-Fate
He brought his blades down on the bonds that bound the gate
But again his blades were thrown back towards him
Showing him that even the blades of a great seraphim
Could not overcome the tools or works of Shaddai’s hands
And anything he brought up against His works would withstand
He called forth Pride, Lord Apollyon, and his servant Ill-Fate
To draw their weapons and smite the metal cords that bound the gate
Though those three, though they drew their most strong and heaviest tools of war
And smote and hit the chains repeatedly; they could not destroy or break them as before
Even the host of Hell joined these four
Including Lord Smooth-Tongue and Lord All-War
And they grasped every weapon that was on their thigh and in their hand
And hacked repeatedly at the thick chains that barred them out from Earth’s land
But to no avail did they succeed in their constant attempts
Just fed and kindled more of their anger and contempt

So they ceased from their vain pursuit
But still remained greedy and resolute
And seeking to respite; they did of Satan behest
And granting their wish, they sat down to rest
But Satan and Lord Pride leaned against the gate and thought
Not willing to give up they’re plans, nor return back distraught
But as they thought, Satan ran through old and new strategies in his mind
Pondering on what key would get them through that barrier to mankind
Going around the gate was futile for it had an invisible and opposing force
He, Satan, knowing too well that man was the one who controlled this source
Though Shaddai had made this for mankind’s protection, the obedience of man
Balanced his protection from Shaddai’s enemies, and the option to mar God’s plan
So not thinking of such vain attempts like going around the gate or breaking it down
He continued thinking of how to take Earth and the four great cities of renown
Ill-Fate, Twist-and-Guild, and Lord Cruel then went up to Sin
And the perverted servant, Ill-Fate thus spoke on where they would begin
“Oh, my master, leader and emperor of all lands of Hell, listen to me and hear me now
As I reveal how we may begin on taking the lands of Earth, and its four great towns
Has not the great God, Shaddai,” and here he shuddered, “made both man and creature?
From living cells to dragons, and from great fish to the snake that walks and bestirs?
If we could but just lay a hand on one of creation’s kind
And control it’s movements, life, and it’s weak mind
Then we could use this thing, and infiltrate into Earth’s inhabitants
And make crooked the Man’s path, and his thoughts and actions enchant.”
At the end of these words, Satan saw a chance for their plan to arise
And to quickly and stealthily, bring about the Earth’s and man’s demise
Satan then turned to Hell’s blacksmith, who was great in art and skilled
In twisting and mocking Shaddai’s works, whom you know as Twist-and-Guild
“Take the creature, that my servant has spoken of and use its tongue and mind
To make stumble, man’s steps; bring pain to women; and sin to mankind
Using the most sly, and craftiest of all the creatures of Universe
The Serpent; one we can control to deceive and to converse
Take your art, Twist-and-Guild, and your cunning power which I gave you, Ill-Fate
And use the Serpent as a tool for the planting of Hell on Earth, and darkness to intoxicate
We will make the atmosphere of Earth, poisonous, and the sky, twisted and rent
So that evil, will only be seen by man; and the powers of Sin make him torment
Now be swift, and carry out this plan
So that we may possess the soul of man.”
So thus these fallen and perverted seraphim
Preparing to accomplish their evil whim
Now I must refer to the paradise of Eden, the garden on Earth
Which on the third day, was founded on land by birth
I will refer to the duties of the cities four
That Shaddai and Emmanuel did adore
And how those duties that man did supped
Would soon be twisted, perverted, and corrupt

Part 5~ The Doings of the Four Cities and the paradise of Eden

As the dawn rose in the west, and a cool breeze from the east
While the lamps of the stars grew faint, and the light of the sun increased
The waking of the four great cities, drew nigh
As black, to gray, red, and blue turned in the sky
Mansoul’s inhabitants were the first to arouse from their deep sleep
The men jumped to their work, women sang with grace, and the children leaped
Great joy arose from that city every start of the morning’s hour
As one named Lord Rejoice, blew the horn from the tall tower
It was heard and answered by Sir Gladness, who lived in Mansheart
And he also blew a horn, and sweet notes to the inhabitants did it impart
Then those in that city would stir, arise and be glad
For Emmanuel’s spirit, they all cherished and had
Mansmind would hear the horns blow from those cities, two
And the time to awake, Sir Conscience heard and knew
He blew his horn with blasts of sweet sounds, high and length
And awoke the inhabitants of Mansmind and Mansstrength
Both cities stirred, but with great joy and happiness
And great was the gladness that all did possess
By the time Mansstrength had sounded it’s horn in answer to all
And had finally heard the sweet notes from the trumpet’s call
The sun had risen to its full highth in the skies
Giving a rain of warmth on Eden’s paradise

Adam had woken up and looked at his wife, Eve
Who from his side, from a rib, God had conceived
There sons, Abel and Cain, who were strong and good
And were greatly united in family and brotherhood
Got up, and Abel went to his sheep that on pasture and in the Garden did graze
And Cain went with his father, where they worked happily and gave praise
To Shaddai through their skills, and the arts they made for him
He who was seated in the heaven, and sat between the cherubim
Adam and Cain would go out to Eden, to tend to it
While Abel, to the task of shepherd, would then commit
Eve would go out with the women, to prepare the nightly feast
Which was held in Mansoul, and where joy was greatly increased
Cain cut the sweetest vegetation, and picked the choicest fruit
Planted seeds in lines, and plucked out the tall sugar shoot
Adam looked on every plant, tree, and bush that grew in that paradise
From the towering trees, to the small bush, herb, and spice
No need there was to water any of the plants; Adam knew
For every morning, rising from the ground, came forth the cool dew
That watered all the plants and gave them sustenance until the next day
And do so again, for this was Emmanuel’s will and his gracious way

After these tasks were done in caring for the plants that grew there then
And keeping in eyesight, the welfare of the animals and the Garden of Eden
Adam would go forth from there to Mansmind and take care of the tasks at hand
That would be received from Mansoul, and sent forth to the two cities in Earth’s land
Adam had an excellent mind, and grew great in knowledge and in strength
And his fame and praise went far into the Earth and Universe at length
He being second to Shaddai and Emmanuel; to carry out His laws and ways
That were meant to be obeyed and faithfully taught by Man, all his days
There was nothing hard for Adam to accomplish, nor any mystery too puzzling to solve
Or any case impossible to complete, nor any work too strenuous to be involved
Sometimes he would go to Mansstrength, and help those in crafting
Or go to Mansheart, where he would help the children do planting
He visited all three cities frequently, Mansheart, Mansstrength, and Mansoul
Or merely go out into the paradise of Eden, with his wife Eve, for a stroll
Many people played in their work, and worked in their play
And have whole mornings and evenings of happiness every day
All of Adam’s descendants who lived in the cities four
And who loved Shaddai, and Emmanuel they adored
Lived together in unity, prosperity, and goodness
And received Shaddai and Emmanuel’s blessedness
Day after day, Emmanuel would look down on Man
And smile at His Father’s work and wonderful plan

To add to His Creation, and to His wonderful Design
Emmanuel set up Teachers and Guardians; all together Nine
To keep Man in check, and to remind him of their King
And what words of allegiance to Him, they had sing
Now these are the names of those Emmanuel had set
So that allegiance to Shaddai and Him, Man would not forget
Sir Gladness, Sir Faithful, and Lord Rejoice
Who with Emmanuel, were His mouthpiece and voice
The first two, took residence in Mansheart
While in Mansoul, Lord Rejoice lived apart
Sir Helpful, Sir Watchful, and Lord Humble
The second Lord made sure men into pride, would not stumble
Sir Helpful and Sir Watchful lived in Mansstrength
Where their care and protection grew great in length
Being the speakers and Captains of the Holy Spirit
Which was of the Seven Spirits of God; who is infinite
Sir Conscience, Sir Remembrance, Lord Discretion
The first two of these, were set up for Man’s perfection
Sir Conscience and Remembrance, took refuge in Mansmind
Making certain, that there was always pure thoughts in mankind
And through all those days of glorious bliss
They saw no one descend into the Great Abyss
Their was no one who wasn’t loyal to God throughout that Age
And for that, these of God were never disappointed or enraged
For indeed, they were the eyes of God and spoke the righteousness of His tongue
They were His witness to Earth and Heaven, and Salvation and Truth they sung
Sir Conscience was a special person, a friend to all
And everyone would listen to his advice and call
He was welcome to anyone’s home, or anyone’s shop
And was always ready to help with someone’s work or crop
He was counted as the eye for God, and as a Helper and Witness sent from Him to man
Sir Conscience being of heavenly mind and spirit; a messenger to those in Earth’s land
Discretion took residence with Rejoice and Humble; the Lords of Mansoul
Who advised and helped their friends; who worked in the cities as a whole
They would regularly receive reports of their success and happiness
And how the loyalty of Man, women, and child, to God never got less
Sir Faithful and Sir Watchful, were the personal champions of Adam
Who had fought in the War in Heaven above, when Satan was succumbed
They were strong and mighty; their service was to all of Man;
They were loyal and devout; witnesses and teachers of the Land
They were brothers in blood; and ever faithful friends to all in spirit
Always encouraging adult and child; “Everyday, your lives to God, submit.”

These nine teachers, Guardians, and Lords, sent by Shaddai and Emmanuel
Ever did faithfully serve God and Man; and ever made their livelihood go well
All mankind were indebted to this mercy of God
That He had not left them ignorant on Earth’s sod
They quickly listened to these teachers Nine
And readily obeyed these hearts; pure and fine
Plenty more teachers and advisors in those four cities, there
Who went to and fro within each person’s affair
So many that I cannot name them all
For I must get on to describing man’s fall

But first you must know the Creation ‘round
Which grew and moved oer all the ground
That there were no things or objects that were of darkness black
Causing misery and pain, and on every creatures would attack
But there was everything there in Eden that caused joy and peace
Witnesses of happiness there were, and the blessing of God never ceased
The spiders never had venom, nor the scorpions, stings
Nor were there cruel talons on eagles, or sharp claws on dragon’s wings
Insect, bird, creeping beasts and creatures of the sea
Lived not for bloodshed nor hurt; as you have clearly seen
But they had peace between each other, and no strife did they cause
From the ant with its tiny mouth, to Behemoth which had mighty jaws
And as for the plants, there was not seen a poisoned leaf, berry, or a cruel thorn
Nor any foul mold, small or large prick, or any ivy to strangle the trees and feign to adorn
All plants had been grown as sustenance for all that had the breath of Life
And between all vegetation, all beasts, and all man, there was no existence of Strife
The fruits of Eden were food to Man
Such was God’s purpose, since Time began
There were no thoughts to eat meat during that blissful Age
For Sin and Death, had not caused any of Life to fill with rage
No creature, whether beast or man, had no thought of shedding blood
And thus no judgment, whether by sword, fire, famine, or flood
But all was peace, joy, and happiness
And all things God and Emmanuel blessed
Now after all these works and creation of God had been completed
And Emmanuel in Mansoul, had then come and been seated
The Earth sighed and grew content with the joy that lay on her back
And any want for more happiness and growing peace she never lacked
Such was the paradise in Eden that which God had found
Which all life He had brought from Earth’s holy ground
This was all, such as God intended and planned it to be
And to test man’s faith in his God, He planted a tree
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; a choice, not a temptation, for man
Which had grown, not on the third day, but somewhat far from when Creation began
For this Tree had not a seed that yielded forth according to its kind
For there was none like it, before or after it, that anyone could find
It was a separate tree, unlike from any that were in the Garden
And it neither bore any seeds that would produce a tree like it again
It was a choice for man to remain faithful to God or to the works of Sin
And to have a holy heritage for their children, or a fallen nature for all their kin
God did not set this up as a temptation for any of the human race
Or as a stumbling block which He would put in Eden’s place
But as a test, reminder, and a sign for all of Mankind
That their spirits and hearts be devoted to Him, this Tree would remind
But also, they were not to eat any of this Tree’s fruit
Or all mankind, life, and Creation, would turn destitute
And they would no longer have the freedom to be with God
Or have the will to tread with their unclean spirit on holy sod
Nor would they have eternal life to live by and breathe in
For they had devoted themselves to death and the works of sin
Thus were the promises of such a dark life
If such things were caused towards God by man’s strife
So I will now describe the day when Eve and Adam fell
And all of mankind, entered into the dark death’s dell
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Part 6~ The Choice

On the last day of that blissful age
Which may be found near the beginning of history’s page
Which I will describe with great description and passion
But in God’s pages, this all will only fill a fraction
This sad, dark, and doom-strucked day
I will now write down in Earth’s lays
And with great regret; testify of man’s fall
And the destruction of the four great cities’ walls

That day was like any other day
Being full of God’s providential ways
Messengers were riding to and fro, from gate to gate
Not knowing that day’s dreadful approaching fate
The men were at work, or in fellowship with another
The boys were playing in the city, and the girls were with their mothers
The angels had withdrawn from earth to heaven’s lands
Leaving the teachers, guardians, and Lords to work with their daily plans
Adam was tending to the Garden, in the early morning light
While Eve herself, strolled about near him, but slowly out of sight
Abel was with the flock, and the different animals at hand
While Cain picked of the fruits and vegetation in Eden’s lands
While Eve walked amongst the flowering bushes and the tall trees
And gazed at the sunlight that flowed onto the wide fertile sea
There was Twist-and-Guild and Ill-Fate, at work outside Earth’s doors
Preparing their dark incantations, to make possible their coming towards the cities four
With the keen eye of one, Dark-Sight, who guided their arts
They searched Mansmind, Mansstrength, Mansoul, and Mansheart
Keeping on watch for a beast, bird, or creeping thing that they could choose
To twist and possess the mind of a creature, for Sin’s destructive use
Dark-Sight saw a creature of spherical body and shape
Whose body was more like one tail that wavered behind like a cape
A head shaped like the head of an arrow, and whose teeth were like rows of white shields
This, is known as the serpent, a creature that was more crafty then any beast of the field
God had made it and put it there on earth
From the ground had been the serpent’s birth
Possessing a pair of legs on each side
The serpent walked, neither crawl nor slide
It was as peaceful and gentle as any beast in Creation
It did not strike, constrict, nor bite or flee
Nor did it perform craftiness in any evil deeds
For it was part of God’s Creation, and part of His perfect works
It did not search for flesh and blood-like victims; and wait and lurk
But it dwelled with the infant, and walked freely near the mother
It played between the legs of one, and curled in the lap of another
Such was this type of peace with many other creatures that lived in Earth and Sea
Before our father and mother brought condemnation by eating of that forbidden tree
The wolf dwelt with the lamb, the lion ate grass with the ox
The birds hunted for grain and seed with the cat and the fox
The dragon ran along with the horse
While the crocodile swam with the fish in their course
The eagle and vulture drank with the rabbit
While flying with the fowl was the owl’s habit
The butterfly landed occasionally on the chameleon’s head
While the spider played with a boy or girl while in their bed
These and many more grew in unity and peace as the days went on
And in each and every mind and heart, peace and perfection had won
But though these things were good and pleasing in God and the Universe’ sight
Satan despised and feared this perfect work, and desired all the more to unleash his might
Though the dragon was large in strength
And the tame Behemoth was great in height and length
Neither of these did Sin’s servants choose
For they had already chosen while they had mused
They had seen the serpent, and on that they unleashed their dark spell
And that serpent flailed and struggled, while transforming into the tool of Hell
At last that serpent stopped struggling and changed its course
And on towards Eve where with her, could have discourse
Then, when it neared the feet of Eve, and by her it sneaked
Satan then let out his words, and by the serpent’s mouth, speak
“Greetings o favored one. May peace be unto thee.”
And Eve saw the serpent that moved beneath her knees
She was amazed at this, for no beast could speak the tongue of man
Neither high nor low, small or great, had she ever seen like that in Earth’s land
“How can this be?” she said, “that you speak man’s tongue
And ye of all creatures of the beasts of the field that thou art among?”
“Thy eyes are darkened, fair one. Mother of all mankind
For though thou are wise, true wisdom thou cannot find
Except from the place where I have found such things
Where your body, mind, and soul in wisdom forever sing
I have possessed this skill of speech by doing what no one has done yet
By going to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil whose fruit lays in sets
I have eaten of that fruit, and tasted of its sweet nectar
And it indeed enlightens the mind of any; him or her
It reveals that which has not been revealed
And opens that which lays still strongly sealed
Why should ye live in ignorance and in doubt?
Thou doth deserve this knowledge which awaits thy mouth
Did God really say, ‘Do not eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’
For who ever heard of such unkindness of a God who establishes such will?
If He had really said so, then wouldn’t that make God a tyrant, even a liar?
For why should He hold you from that which is good? That which is your heart’s desire?
Any God such as that, would be a fool to make His subjects and people ignorant
And leave them in darkness to be dumb and witless, not knowing their detriment.”
“But God said,” Eve cried, “that we may eat of any tree in the Garden’s paradise
And the command following after that, must be kept perfectly and precise
God did go on to say, ‘Thou shall not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
Nor touch it. For the day that thou eat of it, thou shall surely succumb to death’s will.”
It was then here that the serpent, Satan, laughed with mockery and scorn
A piercing laugh that went deep into Eve’s heart like the piercing of a horn
“Thou shall not surely die. For if you would see more then you would know
That blessings, not cursings, has God created and had even now foreknow
That when you eat of the fruit of that forbidden Tree
Then your mind will be opened, and your eyes will see
Good and Evil, and the knowledge of it thereof
And thou will truly become the Earth’s beloved
For He hath derived you from His holy image
And that is of course, a great and mighty privilege
But thy body is not yet finished and ye are yet incomplete
For thy God hath filled thy heart with lies and deceit
In order to be fulfilled and your body perfect
One of the fruits of that Tree you must select
In order to be wise like God and completely helpful to Him
Then when thou hast achieved knowledge, and your sight no longer dim
You may be God of all that He created, and cast down your tyrannical God
Who hath abandoned you to darkness, on this imperfect ground and sod
If ye think that He will know and see what ye have done then thou art a fool
For creatures like myself are always breaking His holy ways and rules
But doth He come down in fiery wrath and anger?
When one creature has supposedly committed much danger?
No. He hath done no such thing and He can never know
What I have told thee, and the revelation I have shown
He is up in Heaven’s lands, you are on Earth’s ground
And there is just you and me, and no one else around
So try of this fruit that which I have spoken of
And thou will truly be filled with perfection and love.”
“But surely God will reveal what He wants revealed,” Eve said
“And to wait on Him and not take forbidden power now, would be best instead
It is not for me to decide whether I deserve forbidden knowledge
And it is not any man or creature’s power for the fruit to allege.”
The serpent walked some distance ahead of the woman Eve
And crawled onto the Forbidden Tree and disappeared into the leaves
On appearing he had some of the Tree’s forbidden fruit
And made ready to play his next piece in his plan astute
The serpent, Satan, took the fruit and swallowed it whole
And it seemed to Eve, that very much changed was this creature’s soul
With a satisfied hiss, the serpent was done
And panted eagerly, knowing victory was almost won
“Thou hast seen fair one that even I can eat of this fruit
And yet, no curses befall on the Universe and pollute
Thou hast seen that your God is a liar and a traitor
And is no true Head, King, Master, or Creator
He has promised death to any who eat of this Tree
And yet, no death or judgment has come upon Me
He has kept you from the knowledge thou dost deserve
And instead has made you to ignorance and Darkness serve
He has promised death to all who eat of this forbidden Tree
But I have not died nor brought toil on any, as thou hast seen
Though I be animal, and am no man
The promise is to everyone, in all Earth’s lands
Though I have no body like yours which He hath given
And hath no soul like yours which He hath created driven
He still hath gave His foul command to all
Knowing that by man or creature, His rules may befall
Though His promises never come about on beast or man
If so happen, His rule on the Tree may be broken in Eden’s lands
So I bid you, if you want to be perfect and useful to all of mankind
And be like I am and more, which I should also be sure to remind
That these fruits which are on this Forbidden Tree
Which will give you knowledge and fair sight in great degree
I ask of you to take this chance now, while God and Emmanuel are away
And to have this knowledge to yourself and some to all I pray
If you want, you can give it to Adam, your husband and head
For all of mankind follows him; he is the one that has lead.”
“But what if,” said Eve in a disheartened voice
While she thought and strove to pick the laid out choice
“That if my husband, Adam, sees what I’ve done
And then goes to Emmanuel, Shaddai’s holy son
And mention what I’ve done and their wrath burn mightily against me
I would be better off, if I do not eat of this Forbidden Tree.”
“Fair one,” said Satan by the mouth of the serpent
“You need not fear any chastisement or judgment
Whether from your husband or your King
Or from the prying eyes of angels who do sing
For your fear, has a solution and beauty that lays hidden to the fruit’s core
That will make you wise, crafty, and cunning in such matters, forevermore
This fruit’s nectar is what will give you sight and sound wisdom
And make you the most learned in all of mankind’s kingdom
And deeper still, beneath the fruit’s surface
Is the things that will suit thee to thy purpose
These fruits will help you to be whatever you want to be
And immediately out of darkness and puppetry will you be free
You will then live in freedom and enjoy the promises of life
And no longer have to be in darkness, where there is hunger and strife
Once you eat of this delicious and most charming fruit
Any of your husband’s words you’ll have power to refute
You can even be as powerful and more then Shaddai
And with your power, in the dust make Him lie
You need not be afraid of him, for I will be with thee
And in my bower and wings you may dwell as refugee
No one can stand against me or thy
If you would only eat of this fruit while there’s still time
He is gone, including His wicked son
And all your fears will be at an end once this act is done
Eat now while there’s still hope
Or you will forever be in darkness to wander and grope
Mankind balances on your choice
So listen to my voice
For if ye do not do this deed now
Mankind will surely perish to the ground.”
Then Eve looked on, the mother of all man
Who were numerous as the stars and the sand
She looked and saw that the fruit was pleasant to the eyes
And a tree desirable and most beautiful to make one wise
She took of the fruit, and drank of it’s forbidden juice
And this one simple deed, from holiness she did lose

Back at Earth’s gates
Where Hell lay in wait
The mighty bonds that held those doors
Which were strong and resistant as before
Now half of them fell off and disappeared into darkness
Leaving some entrance to those who were not of God’s holiness
The first three chains that were shaken from those mighty gates
Letting entrance into Earth and Man’s doom struck fate
Were God’s Will, Rejection-Against-Hell, and Protection
It was by these that had bound all Creation to perfection
And it was by these that Man and Creation had remained safe
And had kept all Creation’s dependence perfect including their faith
The seventh chain, by which was called God’s Holy One
Which had been made by Shaddai’s only Son
Snapped in half, and that piece fell into space
Leaving neither ash, dust, print, nor trace
The other half did not fall, for it hung on just like a thread
For not all had been done, and not all had been said
It was held in by the fourth chain, called By-Man’s-Word
And the seventh chain would not fall, unless the disobedience of man it heard
If the fourth chain fell, the seventh chain would also go
Pulling with it, the other two mighty chains; for that was so

The felling of those chains resounded in several claps of thunder
Leaving opportunity, for Hell to descend on their eagerly awaited plunder
Hell eagerly rushed forward and pulled at the large gates
And with their might and the absence of those mighty and holy chains
Were able to pull the doors open, these which had caused them frustration and disdain
But to their anger and to the patience that they lacked
They saw that the doors provided only a small crack
A crack that would allow only a few people inside to climb
And would require some passage to get though; and much time
Satan quickly chose Ill-Fate, Twist-and-Guild, and Cruel
To go to Earth, there to use their deadly and Hellish tools
There was some disagreement and grumble among some
For all eagerly hungered to go into Earth, and them to man, come
There was a slight fight just outside those gates
And Satan slowly grew impatient, for time was getting late
Finally, after much disagreement but also much force of command
Ill-Fate, Twist-and-Guild, and Cruel went pass those doors and to Earth’s lands
They flew quickly down to Earth, like a meteor from heaven on high
On towards the lands of Eden, they went onward, eager to terrify

Sir Conscience, while in residence in Mansmind
Heard the claps of thunder and the breath of demons he surmised
He looked at the bright skies and saw
And from his place he immediately withdraw
He flew from the gates of the city and pulled his sword
For there were, descending from the skies, a hellish hoard
He recognized their faces immediately, as once companions of the holy cherubim
But were now crooked and deformed, now fallen and damned as Sin’s seraphim
They were Twist-and-Guild and Cruel, these he recognized
But the third one with these two, he could not have surmised
For it was a creature even more deformed then those with it
Sir Conscious recognized it as a great wicked and evil spirit
Ill-Fate, you know him by name
He is that evil spirit, one and the same
And as he descended with his companions; Twist-and-Guild and Cruel
They saw Eve, the mother and queen of mankind; but in spirit; a Fool
Eve, who was now damned for eternity, but was once most beloved and famed
Who stood with covered Conscience, feeling no stroke of sadness nor shame
But stood delightfully finishing the remnants of forbidden knowledge that lay in her hand
Holding her head high triumphantly she declared; “True Freedom, I do now understand.”

Part 7~ The Fall of Man

The three hellish companions alighted near Eve
And she had truly picked of the fruit, they perceived
Cruel went forward to do judgment on her
Also, Twist-and-Guild with dark arts to administer
But when they came to do harm; they realized they were fools
For Eve was under Adam’s subjection and rule
And they could not harm one hair of her head, though they wanted to
And take her flesh and by Twist-and-Guild’s arts, make it undo
So though they gnashed their teeth and stamped their feet in anger
They could not impose any harm on Eve or Adam, and have them in danger
Eve did not see the foul fiends from hell, for her eyes had not yet been harmed
And her holiness, within her soul, mind and strength, had not been disarmed
Fear had not open her eyes to her foul enemies, though she was one like them
And her sins and God’s Judgment had not had her condemned

Well then, Eve went forward from that place, to seek for her husband Adam
Being not afraid to tell him of what she had done, and what she had become
She found him, conversing with Sir Conscience who had his sword drawn
Standing serious and resolute on the Garden’s grassy lawn
Eve, for a moment, wondered why Sir Conscience was so, this way
And why in battle-dress and his eyes in wariness, were such arrayed
But she dismissed her curiousness and went over to where her husband stood
She hooked her arm with his to show her will for him was good
The reason why so, was because she was afraid of the suspicion that hung in the air
Trying to cover up any nervousness, and hoped they would not ask into her affairs
She tried to look into the eye of Sir Conscience but was afraid
And her knees shivered and shook when she eyed the blade
Such character and spirit, she knew she had never had before
When she had feared and loved Adam, Emmanuel, and her Lord
The thought of that, put more fear into her heart
And she wished right now, if she could be somewhere far apart
But she let her arm remained lock with Adam’s, and did not leave
And she remained staring at the ground until she heard her name, “Eve”
Her gaze immediately lifted from the ground, and looked into the eyes of her teacher
His eyes were full of the waters of inquiry, and gentleness but firmness were his features
And when she looked into those eyes, she felt them search into her mind and reason
She wanted to tear her eyes from his gaze, from a friend she’d known for many seasons
She didn’t know where her speech should begin
And yet, she was afraid a slip might reveal her sin
“Eve,” said the voice of Sir Conscience again, “why did you pick of the Forbidden fruit?
And why have you let yourself be taken into traps, and made yourself to Sin, be suit?
Your life and soul are tainted by Death, and you are under the Wrath of God
Whom you tread on and His Law, and taint the Earth by your sin and this holy sod
You have now let in the inhabitants of Hell and they are awaiting to destroy you.”
Eve tore her gaze away and stared at the ground
She felt closed in, alone, and felt surrounded
She felt the gaze of Adam on her and knew his shock and dismay
And now, she greatly wished she could be somewhere far and away
Then she saw her companion, the serpent, stand behind her and whisper in her ear
And away and gone was all her aloneness, nervousness, desperateness, and fear
“Follow me,” whispered the serpent and glided away
And away from her husband she followed the serpent; and no longer stayed
She heard the steps of Sir Conscience and Adam follow behind
And her heart started telling her they were too meddlesome and unkind
More thoughts possessed her, and told her of her perfect soul
And how everything would soon be under her control

They reached the Forbidden tree; but the serpent was nowhere in sight
Nor the demons I spoke of before, who came in from their flight
She slowly reached for one of the fruits and plucked it; with no fear or distress
When she turned toward her husband Adam, he was full of caution and uneasiness
She took the fruit and laid it in her husband’s hands
And with quick working thoughts she laid out her plan
It was then at that moment, all three heard the bushes move to the side
And out from it stepped four men, Lord Lust, Lord Smooth-Tongue, and Pride
And the fourth, but not least of his companions, was Sir Ignorance
The Swords of Death they proudly revealed at their entrance
Sir Conscience revealed their unseen coming to the eyes of Adam and Eve
So that both, and especially Adam, would be able to know his enemies and perceive
The new arrivers did not speak for now
Waiting for Eve’s temptation on Adam to endow
They leaned on various plants and trees and waited with hunger in their hearts
Eagerly wanting revenge and blood and loose on man their blades, pike, and arts
Eve turned back to Adam, as if she had not seen them
So that she could talk to him, and give him the fruit then
Sir Conscience, aware of the arrival of these new enemies, stood back
Holding his sword firmly, ready to attack
“My husband,” Eve began, “You are the pride of my life, and the delight of my soul
And our life of you and I together, has ever seemed to remained happy and whole
But it is yet incomplete, and Shaddai has surely left us that way
Ever since He took me from your side, after you were fashioned like clay
You know we have everything at our command, and that we both do good among man
And see how our descendants have multiplied, like the stars and the sands
Shaddai has surely blessed us so far, as far as you and I could see
That He fulfilled all of our desires, our wants, and our needs
But it has been revealed to me, that you and I are without wisdom and knowledge
And He has not made us stand on solid foundation, nor built around us a complete hedge
You are unprotected, and are in body, mind, and heart, yet unfulfilled
Shaddai and His son have wittingly left us weak and unskilled
This tree that you see before you, what has God command of you of it
Showing that it would be to your safety, goodwill, and benefit?”
“He said, wife,” Adam responded, “that of any tree of the garden we may eat
All herb and fruit that is full of spice and sweet
But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not
For after Me, you should seek and look to, and not Forbidden knowledge be sought
For in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die
And back to the dust where from which you were raised, you will lie
Which is why you should turn from your disobedience to God
For His command you have despised and on it you have trod
You have been thoughtless of the blessings of Shaddai in store for you
And the knowledge and wisdom that He will give you, is true
There’s still time to turn back, a time to repent
And a chance to leave Sin and in God’s House be content
God has given us Knowledge greater then the one that you want me to seek
To despise His holiness, and cast off His ornaments would make me fallen and weak
I would be degraded far beyond from what I am at present
And I would lose both His Holy Spirit on me, and my Innocence
I am your head, and I have still the chance to relieve you from your bonds
So that you and I, together, with our descendants, may forever sing heaven’s songs
If I were to be careless for your condition and would leave you in your net
Then there would be no one to rescue you; no one to pay your debt.”
It was then at the end of these words, that Lord Pride and Sir Ignorance leapt up to arms
Sheathed at Ignorance’s side was the Sword of Death
Which had power to draw from any their life breath
And connected to his belt was his mace, Forgetfulness
With each stroke, could make one remember truth less and less
Sir Ignorance drew his blade from his side, and unhooked the mace at his belt
Everything that his friend and foes did and said, Adam heard and their every move he felt
Their thoughts spoke within his mind and soul
And his thoughts contended with his mind that was full
Lord Pride carried one broad blade which was a two handed sword
It was of perfect strength and balance for such a demonic and hellish lord
He spun it the sides to show his enemy, his might
And to show how skillful he was, he did several moves in Sir Conscience’s sight

There was no look of fear in Sir Conscience's eyes
As he drew his twin blades to stop their craftiness and lies
The name of his two blades were called Revelation and Truth
To reveal God's commands and ways; to convince Adam to not eat of the Forbidden Fruit
Sir Ignorance took a step forward with mace and blade
To convince Adam that God, no law he gave
Lord Pride stepped to the side of Sir Conscience and threw his blade upon him
And together, these two thought the defeat would be easy; so as to destroy all his whims
With one loud cry, the two descended on him and attacked
But true agility and skill they both did lack
One of the blades of Conscience and the mace of Ignorance, clashed in the air
In the bright light of the morning, when all was golden and fair
That Blade of Revelation collided with the Mace of Forgetfulness
And back and forth on each other, the returned blows and pressed
The ball of Ignorance's mace smacked into the edge of his enemy’s twin sword
Sir Ignorance seemed to win and suppress all knowledge of Adam's God and Lord
The other blade called Truth, Sir Conscience used to block Lord Pride’s blow
And with his other blade, shoved Ignorance’s mace towards Pride, his foe
He withdrew his blades as the chain of Ignorance’s mace wrapped around Pride’s blade
And the two got stuck together and for a time stayed
With his two blades, Sir Conscience knocked Ignorance’s blade of Death to the ground
And a deadly blow to Ignorance’s head and body, Conscience found
By this time, Ignorance had unloosed his mace from Pride’s blade
Swung and knocked it to the side his enemy’s weapons, thwarting the move he played
But then Sir Conscience did a cut from underneath and a slice towards his enemy’s head
And Ignorance had to defend himself from becoming maimed or dead
This was a battle of the mind in Adam's head
Challenging him on what God had spoken, and what He had not said
And connected to that was both a physical and a spiritual battle taking place
One of hellish and fallen origin and one of holy and heavenly race
Adam heard the thoughts of Ignorance come to his mind
And sometimes a place or hold within his thoughts, they would find
But then he would feel them get beaten back by the thoughts of Sir Conscience
And the Revelation and Truth he revealed, would pull Adam back from his trance
Eve talked to Adam and carried on her discourse of the Forbidden Knowledge she had
Showing, that if he took and used such knowledge, would make Shaddai joyful and glad

As if in unison and of one heart
Eve and Ignorance spoke, though they were apart
"Listen not to the thoughts which corrupt your mind,
For here, Truth you can hold, and Wisdom you can find
It is there for the taking, and will improve your form
And you will truly be the delight of creature, man, and Lord."
But then, Adam's tongue would move, and the words of Sir Conscience he would say
"If God wants me to have such Forbidden knowledge, He will then make a way
And if He truly wants to increase my blessings then I will wait
For I know not what hour may come, when I might assume and obtain a doom-struck fate
God commanded me before; His command still hangs in the air
And to disobey His statutes now or to assume my own command I will not dare
He spoke of the consequences I would receive and bring on all if I were to eat of this fruit
And to live in such misery after gaining naught, for my descendants it would not suit
You all have spoken with presumption; I speak of His Divine Word and Law
For I was with Him when He established it, and when He established it I saw
That if disobedience I took as my friend
Then I would bring about both judgment and destruction in the end
There is a price of blood to fulfill one's sins
And to fulfill such a debt I would not be able to do in the condition I would be in
I choose to obey God's Law, and the truthful word of Sir Conscience
And I choose to shun all temptation, and despise the tongue of Sir Ignorance."
During this speech of Adam to his wife and his telling of her of Shaddai's ways
The weapons of his friend and foe clashed and resounded in the cool warm day
Every word he said in support of Sir Conscience
Would enable him to strive and beat back his enemy Sir Ignorance
But also Eve would speak of doing disobedience
And in support of him, her friend also had a chance; Sir Ignorance
Every move the two challengers did, synchronized with every word Eve and Adam said
Eve spoke of the knowledge she found, and Adam, of the commandments of God he read
I have to mention that what Eve spoke, had been spoken not only by her friend's lungs
But what words she spoke, she also received from Lord Smooth-Tongue
This demon was a crafty fellow, able to change both gender and shape
Having power to move one to do any foul deed, from gossip to rape
I cannot describe what shape he held on to for he changed constantly
And the deed he was trying to accomplish, was of Adam eating of the Forbidden Tree
Indeed, this action has been the foulest deed in all the history of mankind
And no other evil and tempting deed in history, no one has had find

As time went on, Adam accepted more of the twisted reasoning behind his wife's words
And swallowed every aspect she reasoned at, and gradually took in all he heard
Since this was the case, Sir Conscience was very hard pressed
And the offense he had taken before, grew smaller and less
Blow after blow, Sir Ignorance reigned down on the two blades of his enemy
Hoping to get Adam to let his spirit wander, and his mind free
Sir Ignorance blocked with his blade against a slice that would've surely made him dead
And with his right hand, he swung his mace to the exposed side of his foe's head
Sir Conscience, being tired and his strength waning, failed to block the oncoming blow
But such was the case, and History has had it so
The spiked ball smote against the head of Conscience, whose side it had found
And immediately Sir Conscience fell and crashed to the ground
He lay still, and never got up again
For now he had been rejected because of his heavenly help at this critical end
Sir Ignorance breathed hard and looked up at Adam's face
Where a look of hellish bewitchment had overcome his bright and holy grace
He looked down slowly at Sir Conscience his friend
Who lay stun to the ground, and it looked to be his final end
He then turned to Sir Ignorance and a smile curled on his lips
For now the devilish drink of temptation, he had now sipped
"I choose the blade of Sir Ignorance,
And despise the lies of my friend Sir Conscience."
Adam then took a step forward to the Forbidden Tree and took of its fruit
And immediately he began to see Forbidden Knowledge and Truth
His eyes were open and he began to grow greedy for more
For he suspected that much revelation and wisdom must be in store
Together with his wife, they gorged themselves on the fruit and its nectar
And degraded their minds became, and they were not as they were
Then the Gates of Earth burst asunder
Resounding in a great clap of thunder
The great doors and posts did fell
And gave way to the hosts of Hell
Satan was at their head and Hell’s army at his rear
And headed by their leaders, Lord All-War and Lord Fear

"Now, bind them!" commanded Lord Smooth-Tongue
And as he spoke, he grabbed Eve and to the ground she was flung
Adam gave a cry and rushed at him, only to be grabbed by a strong arm
He was pulled backwards and fell, as he tried to save his wife from harm
As he sat in the grip of his enemy, he saw his wife get surrounded by two more demons
And in the skies, he heard the sound of many footsteps; as of an army of Legions
He struggled to try and save his wife, but to no avail
For now he realized that his choice and decision had made him fail
Lord Smooth-Tongue grabbed his wife's hair and pulled her head back
And then shoved her to the ground like a useless or despised sack
She immediately fell to the ground and lay still
And Adam, though he tried to save her, could not escape his captors and their will
The two demons next to the demonic Lord, were Twist-and-Guild and Cruel
The purpose of their coming, was to take Adam and Eve, and make them look like fools
They took out sable chains and bound Eve hand and foot
Adam could not bear to watch such disgrace, but he was forced to look
Adam was then forced to stand, while being bound with heavy iron chains
And he felt his spirit crumble and wane
The wife he knew ever since he had been created; was being shamed and disgraced
And what for him? What would they do to him and to the earth’s face?
Never had such horror and grief entered into Adam’s soul
And his tears and regret welled and his eyes became full
Why had he so easily listened to the words of Ignorance then to the Word of God?
Who had spoken the worlds into motion, and created the starry lands abroad?
Who had created them in His Image; put and written on them His Spirit and Law?
How clearly they witnessed their perfect heart, and His Relationship with them they saw?
They had seen His Face all their lives, for they had walked with Him on Earth
This they valued more then the bright stars of the heavens, or of gold with it’s worth
And now, etched into Adam’s mind, was the thought of meeting his Maker and his Lord
Who was now defenseless and powerless to stop the now coming Hellish hoard
By the work and art of Lord Fear, harsh imaginations wrought up in his mind
And the truth it showed, his soul did find
He imagined and recalled the eyes of Emmanuel that burned with flames of holy fire
And he felt himself, for a moment, to descend into Hell’s fiery and inescapable mire
He imagined the condemnations from Shaddai, Emmanuel, and the Holy Spirit
Condemning him to everlasting darkness and the bottomless pit
Even nature and all Creation seemed to wear both mournful and accusing faces
Seeming to demand that his blood be shed on behalf of their peace and race
The ground felt hard to Adam’s feet, and the very stones seemed to bore into his soles
The bushes, the insects, the little creatures, and mat of grass
Now felt sharp and pointed like little shards of glass
The World seemed to be in darkness, humility, and grey
Though everything shined, it all seemed to be Hell’s predestined way
Eve awoke from her slight sleep
And on opening her vision she just stood crestfallen and did weep
Her sleep had been filled with nightmares and terrible visions she had never had before
Now, the joyful spirit that had been once in her, now felt cut and its contents poured
She and her husband, stared at each other, and a replaced spirit filled their hearts
Instead of joy and love, there was anger, pride, evil thoughts; goading them to be apart
Adam looked at the sky again, and saw a black cloud descending towards the ground
And every second that passed, the footsteps of thousands grew louder in sound
From his position, and with the cloud so close
He could see that it was an army; a great demonic host
He and his wife, hung down their heads in despair and shame
For they had blasphemed the Law of God, and His Holy Name


Satan and a band of his men alighted not far from him
Adam, knew that these were the cause of his sin
The mighty and strong leathery wings of Satan wrapped around him like a black cloak
And he turned to Adam and Eve; and with a smile he began and spoke
“My first subjects I meet and they do not bow to me?
What discourteousness and disobedience do I see?”
He drew the Blade of Death from his side and paced in front of them
“I see that you both were once the servants of Shaddai. His most precious gem
He spoke a lot about you and how He perfected you in His Holy Spirit and Image
It’s a pity that you have so carelessly and stubbornly thrown away such valuable heritage
You used to bow to Shaddai and Emmanuel. Now you will bow down to me and my men
For your sins and disobedience have brought me here; calling for another, you have sent.”
Adam lifted up his eyes and met Satan face to face
And his whole body shook with fear and horror at this totally hellish race
But even though his jaw quivered and sweat beaded on his skin as he heard this decree
He held his ground with shaking limbs, not wanting to bow his head nor bend his knee
On seeing such double insolence; disgust and anger leaped into Satan’s eyes
And he hit Adam’s stomach with the pommel; and grew cool and satisfied
But on being hit, Adam bent over and a sickly pain grew in his bowel
And the tears of pain and grief that dropped from his eyes, he could not control
Lord Fear, who held Eve by her chains, forced her on bended knee
And at this sight, Satan was joyful and very pleased
But he further more, grabbed Eve’s hair and pressed her fair face to the dust
And putting his foot on her neck, Satan felt pride swell within and he felt great and robust
He then bade Cruel and Twist-and-Guild to take them away
And on turning towards Mansoul, the bane of Man did say,
“Your doom has come, oh cities of cities
And darkness of darkness has come to pollute you with disease.”
And then on turning to that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
He spoke the command to promote Death and Sin’s will
“Oh Tree of missing fruit
That has greatly man and women suit
You I now command
Release poisonous and black fumes through Earth’s lands
Let them not rest day or night
Not until they reach the furthest star in sight
May they corrupt the Universe of God
And pollute the plant, the root, and the holy sod
Enter into man’s spirit and into the woman’s seed
So that always, a victim for death, they may always breed
Let it enter into the pure and undefiled waters and make some a reek of Death
While entering into yonder man and child, and defile their very breath
Enrapture the stars above and replace them with scorching fire
And make their holy light fade, snuff out, and expire
Put into them a flame which no man or creature can touch
For the deforming of all that is mine, will be as such
Also, enter into the creatures of the Earth and Sea
And let all of this be your continuing Melody
Your power will not fall nor come to naught
For you I have now twisted and you I have taught
Receive this Sword of Death into your veins
And the poison within, let your trunk obtain
May your sap pour out endlessly and soak into the dust
So that it will become hard, and man must put his livelihood in someone else’s trust.”
Satan then drove the Sword of Death into the Tree’s base
And it then became the fountain of Death’s place
Many more of Sin’s subjects too, drove their tools and weapons deep into its bark
And the poison of Hell from within them, entered into this Tree and it became fully stark
Deep black vapors from the place of Hell burst forth into the air
And it covered and filled the sky, in Earth, Sea, and under Earth and everywhere
It drove out the holiness and innocence that God had put into design in all His work
Where now in replace of it, Death, Destruction, Fear and Corruption now lurked
It entered into every plant and its fruit, and into every animal and creature
And now, they and their seeds were introduced to twisted and marred features
The vapors were breathed even by the Creatures of the ground
Who were of different groups and kinds, and dwelt everywhere in the vegetation round
The venomous sap seeped from the cracks of the wilting Tree
And entered into the grounds, plants, and seas
Making the ground hard and dry, and strenuous to till
For the work of desolation and despair, they all were filled
All Creation drank of this and a metamorphosis came over everything
And now, there was no heavenly song that dwelt within them, that had been singed
Fruit and herbs immediately rotted and fell from many trees and plants
Jaws and pincers grew on many insects and ants
Some plants became hard and inedible to the taste of man
While much of the land transformed to rock, dust, and sand
Some of the creatures grew stings, or jaws filled with poison, and others, talons to tear
While deep within the sea, the creatures grew large teeth and claws to bear
Some leaves and fruit were filled with deadly poison or bitter juice
Or a great transformation they were introduced
Some turned into traps with lures to captivate the small beasts of the ground
While others bore absolutely nothing and grew in twisted nets all around

Then creatures that laid within the overcoming darkness above the land
Entered and were inhaled into the body of woman and man
In the people of the great four cities, and Adam and Eve
Creatures that were tiny, invisible, and to the eye unseen
These attacked the health of man and woman, child and youth, young and old
For Adam had into the hands of Sin, all his dominion and stewardship sold
Marks and signs of sickness and disease appeared on all
For this was the cause of Adam’s Fall
Some swooned and fell into evil sleep
Nightmares and terrible visions did they meet
Others coughed up their sickness and spread it among others
The sickness and disease went to and fro among children, fathers, and mothers
The people in all four cities were possessed by a hidden and sinister tool
A plague that made many lay up on the ground, spitting forth or drool
The humiliation of man, Satan was satisfied to call their case
And now it was time to possess them utterly, and mar the image of man’s face
He bade Twist-and-Guild and Ill-Fate to bring forth Adam and his wife Eve
So that the tortures he would apply to the man, his wife would now see
Bringing forth the man and woman, Ill-Fate spat on them in disgust
And for the application of their pains, Twist-and-Guild grew hungry and full of lust
Satan spread his legs and mighty arms and let his wings take full span
He opened his mouth, letting out a cry and a scream of delight which shook the land
Looking down on those bowed before him, the man of earth, and the woman of his bone
The Fire of Joy and Passion leaped up into Satan, seeing that he was King alone

Taking an instrument from the hands of Twist-and-Guild, he put its end between his lips
And blowing hard, he withdrew the tool white hot; burning enough to take skin into strips
He took one more look at Adam and Eve
The root of Mankind, whom he had deceived
Today would be a new day, as Sin and Darkness overtook the land
Corrupting all the earth, plant, animal, bird, and man
“Look on what you have seen, you scum of all man and take heed
For such will be done to all that you possess, whether lands or seed
If anything stands in my way, and defies my glory, my majesty, my honor
I am from now on, your King, your Lord, your Shepherd, and your Father
From this day on, no other sight will comfort you when the one I burn into your eyes
Is seared in your mind, that you will never forget what you’ve done, in accepting lies
Ruining a good land which you have tilled, harvested, ruled, and taken care of
Your eyes will no longer see anything in its true colors, sin, mockery, goodness and love
But only that which dawns on you like the morning light, will revelation come
And it will only be given to those whom I choose, not all will receive, but only some
Including your wife with you, whom you have been faithless to the end with her life
Sending her into this estate, and polluting her with wickedness and strife
Look at her while you may, for you both will no longer be what you are
Knowing that Shaddai, your God, is away, deaf, blind, and far
You have been abandoned, and from this day I’ll see to it that you remain destitute
Only an animal’s blood will save you from your sin, if by it you sow restitute.”
At the end of these words, Satan plunged the hot iron instrument, into the eyes of man
And all words of Conscience, Discretion, and Sir Watchful, from his heart fled and ran
Leaving him an empty shell, a corpse with no spirit left in him
Leaving him prey to the wants and wiles of wickedness and sin
The demons and hosts of Hell, rushed forward and drove their arts into Adam’s skin
And sprouting deep within the recesses of his soul, the caricature of good did win

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PostSubject: Re: Some of My Works   Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:40 am

TirlalaithFantasyComedian, You may add the rest of your stories right into this topic. I have removed your other stories because having that many topics made the forum a little too cluttered. You may repost them in this Topic.

If who you are is who you were, then you are not who you think you are.

Real men drink mustard.
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PostSubject: Re: Some of My Works   

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Some of My Works
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