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 The Saint Game

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PostSubject: The Saint Game   Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:02 pm

The Saint Game

This is an action-war game that is based off of the Ted Dekker book, SAINT. If you haven’t read the book, that’s okay. You’ll get the idea as you go along.

Speech and Play Rules~

1. No swearing.

2. No profanities.

3. No enlarged words to show anger towards someone. (e.g I HATE YOU!)

4. Respect God and people's opinions.

5. Do not get upset if you do not win or get killed in the game.

6. Respect another one's play and character.

7. Do not make fun or mock someone.

8. Keep the Ten Commandments always in mind. Especially Commandment 5, 9 & Ten.

9. Keep a smile on your face, and encourage others.

10. Have fun!


The Rules are that you need to first pick out a name for your character, hair and eye color, age, hair style, fighting skills (e.g Martial Arts), and country that you come from. When you pick out your character, you will start in the country of Hungary. During this game, there will be other players who will be playing against you. The point of this game will be to find out who you are, and what your life is all about. You won’t understand or be set on that until later.

The way you will be playing this game is that when you have picked out your character and are situated in Hungary, (1) I will describe a piece of your emotions and awakening and your feelings (2) and then will set a list of options before you.

Game Example:

(1) You see darkness. You’re lying spread-eagle on your back. Ankles and wrists tied tightly to the bedposts so that you can’t pull them free. A woman is crying beside you. You’ve been kidnapped. Your name is _____. You recall the things you did in your life, knowing that you had joined in Special Forces at age ??? you know your highth, you know your wife’s name is Kelly and you try to make sense of everything about you. Kelly, your wife, is vaguely familiar to you but you can’t recall. You notice that you are bleeding behind your neck, your wife is cut and bleeding and that she is unconscious right now. You are in a concrete room where you can’t see the door. There is one window that is pouring forth sunlight. You have absolutely no weapon, cutting device, or belt to help you get loosed. What do you do?

Choose one or two options:

1. Go back to sleep.

2. Try to break your bonds.

3. Call to your wife and wake her up.

4. Scream bloody murder to see if anyone will hear you.

5. Try and commit suicide.

6. Call out for anyone to come.

7. Check your surroundings more.

This is an example from the game. The options will be listed by numbers. As you saw I stated that you can pick one or two options. Sometimes I’ll state that you can only pick one option. When you answer to this, say that you pick option ??? and I’ll answer back and continue describing whatever is in accord with what you have picked.

Game Example 2: (You answer…)

I pick option 3 and 4.

Game Example 3: (I answer back…)

You call to you wife and try to wake her up. She doesn’t at first, and you scream bloody murder. No one comes into the room but your wife wakes up from your screaming, and looks around and sees you and locks eyes with you. Her face is filled with grief and much sorrow. What will you do?

Choose one or two options:

1. Ask her a question. (Write down a question for her.)

2. Say something to her. (Write down your statement that you speak to her.)

3. Try and commit suicide.

4. Go back to sleep.

5. Try to break your bonds.

6. Check your surroundings more.

When I say something in parantheses next to an option like EXAMPLE (1. Ask her a question. [Write down a question for her.] and you pick that option, write down the question you ask her and I’ll describe back what she says. Also, you will have a health, intelligence/memory, and strength bar that I will have for your character. The Hit bar represents the kill you can do to a guy with your fist or legs. So for example, if you have a hit 15 right now, and you meet a guy who has a health of 34, if you give him a hit without being attacked yourself, that man’s health will decrease to 19. Or if you have a health of 5 and a guy comes up with a Hit bar of 20, you’re dead! Because his Hits outnumber your health. So remember to keep healthy and strong. Even the way you eat, fight, and climb will determine how you stay healthy.

Game Example 4:

Character Name: Carlos

Country: United States

Health: 5. (Your health will be on a scale from 0-20)

Intelligence/Memory: Vague (50) (Your memory bar is a scale from 0-1000)

Strength: 4 (Your strength will be on a scale from 0-10)

Hit: 12 (Your HIT bar will be on a scale from 0-100)

You will be able to access any house or open any lock if you have a skeleton key. Ammo will be attained at ammo dumps or in specific houses. Your character will eventually learn how to transform anything into a weapon. When he learns something new, his Intelligence/Memory bar will go up a few numbers. So take this example,

Game Example 5:

You have just learned how to transform a pen into a .22 pistol. Your Intelligence has gone up 5.

Your character will also be able to slowly learn how to do Martial Arts, Street Fighting, Samurai Arts, Ninja Fighting, Ancient Assassin Arts, Boxing and other cool stuff. It depends on whatever one you pick later on in the game.

Your stealth bar will appear when you start on your first mission. It is important to choose the right move to increase your stealth. When you get up to 10% in Stealth, you will be able to start pick-pocketing people. You can communicate with any person you want and fight any person you want. But if you cause unnecessary fights in public, you will be rebuked by your leaders and will be stripped of your strength, stealth, or memory. If you cause a fight in private or in secret, make sure you are not caught by SWAT, Police, FBI, Secret Agents, Military Police or National Guard, Marines, Black Ops, or any other opposing government force.

Every time you are known to be an existing dangerous man/woman in the area, you will be confronted by police (excluded at times when you are on certain missions), then FBI, then SWAT, Military Police/National Guard, Marines, Black Ops, and then Secret Agents. So every time you are found out causing fights, a small government force will try and stop you, if you defeat them, they will call FBI, if you defeat FBI, they’ll call in SWAT, and so on and so on.

But during some missions, you might not cause fights and you might have Marines or SWAT after you when they know you as an Assassin. But all in all, be careful.

You can swim or stay under water for 2 minutes when you are on minor level. If you choose a certain department to build up your strength and lungs, you will be able to swim under water for longer. But of course, if you are wearing oxygen tanks or snorkeling equipment then of course, you can stay under water as long as you want except that oxygen tanks run out of air after 1 and a half hours have passed.

You can jump off buildings without any cushions below up to 30 feet in the air. If you jump off any buildings higher then that, you will be injured, seriously injured, or killed.

If you jump off 60 foot buildings into Garbage bins full of stuff, for example, you will survive the fall without any injuries.

You will be able to also access any one’s car if you learn beforehand how to open the doors without causing disturbance in the public.

If you make allies with a player on this game, and if he agrees to become allies with you, you can have that player as your back-up partner. If you want to break an alliance between a player, you must leave a note, call him, or email him. If you kill your partner without duly notifying him beforehand, you will be considered as a traitor and you will be hunted down.

Sleep repairs your health. If you find a bed or a safe place to sleep in, your health will be restored to it’s original number. You can go to sleep if you are being chased by an enemy, but it is NOT SUGGESTED to be done so. You will either get killed, or be held prisoner. IT IS NOT SUGGESTED TO FALL ASLEEP WHILE BEING CHASED BY AN ENEMY.

When you choose your character, you will need to choose your fighting skill. You cannot go without one.

Martial Arts~

You may learn this in any Martial Arts place or at your base. Learning Martial Arts will take time away from the game.

When you learn and practice for 5 months, you will be declared to have a BELT. When 4 years pass, you will have a Black Belt. If you learn at Base, this will only take a year.

Martial Arts will expand your Strength and Hit bar. For each belt you get, 20 points will be added.

Disadvantage to Martial Arts is that most government forces will be able to see you as a dangerous person.

Street Fighting~

Street Fighting may be learned from multiple criminals and gangs if you bribe them and they are happy with the payment. Street Fighting may all be learned under 3 years of practice and studying.

Street Fighting expands your Strength faster then Martial Arts and will enable you to use your surroundings to your benefit. For example, you can go up to a tree and tear a 2 inch branch and break it down with your foot to size quickly and use it to defend yourself.

Learning Street Fighting will enable you to blend and pass among most gangs without being detected as a stranger or a civilian. Government forces will take you as a hippie or “cool” person and will not be excited with any suspicion.

Samurai Arts~

Will learn fluidness and expand some of your Strength and Hit. You will learn how to use the staff, the sword, the club, the whip, the head and a certain amount of Martial Arts.

Your character will excite absolutely no suspicion among the public or government officials if you fight in the open multiple times.

Ninja Fighting~

If you choose this, you may always request from base for 3 other Ninja men to follow you and be used by you at your disposal. You will be able to jump up to high walls with the help of another partner or Ninja man. Your stealth increases higher then any other fighting skill department.

You will learn how to use the crossbow, the sword, instant kill moves, and toughness.

Ancient Assassin Arts~

This is a suggested fighting department for any character. With Ancient Assassin Art capability, you will be able to increase and expand your Stealth, Memory, and Strength much faster then any of the fighting skill departments above. Though Ninja Fighting increases stealth higher then any department, Ancient Assassin Arts is top #1 in stealth. You may be chased by an enemy and you can quickly blend with the crowd, hide, pick pocket quite easily, or run faster then any opponent. Problem is will be that you can’t let anyone see your face, if you’re face is seen you will be immediately recognized and hunted down. You have to be wearing a hood which will not cause suspicion.

You will be able to climb any walls without any support or ledge to help you; most walls have cracks even if they’re tiny which Ancient Assassin Arts will strengthen your hands to dig into these and help you climb walls. You can jump lightly from building to building without stumbling or breaking a stride. If you are being closely chased and if you run around a corner or out of your opponent’s sight and delve into some hay, a garbage bin, or a sewer, you will not be detected and your enemy will give up the chase and look somewhere else; Note: That’s if your enemy is not a player, if he is he might stay and start looking for you.


This will greatly increase your strength and Hit bars. With this skill, you will be able to remove obstacles in your way (e.g a pile of rail road ties in the door way) that will be too heavy for others.

Also, you will be able to talk and communicate with anyone you want. Another thing fun about this game is that you can also help other people and betray them anytime you want without giving them notice.

Ok, let me sum up the rules now. First pick out a

name for your character,

hair and eye color,


hair style,

fighting skills (e.g Martial Arts),

and country that you come from.

(Note: If you have any questions, send a PM to me.)

When you pick out your character, you will start in the country of Hungary. During this game, there will be other players who will be playing against you. The point of this game will be to find out who you are, and what your life is all about. The goal is that the first one who wins this game will go on to Game 2~ BLACK!
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The Saint Game
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