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 The Sayings of a Maiden Child

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PostSubject: The Sayings of a Maiden Child   Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:48 am


I can feel the emotion,
The hostility from you,
Are you so easily angered?
Your jealousy, so aroused?

Learn to control yourself,
For you won’t go far.
I am no threat, that I know.
I refuse to bow.

Perhaps you should check,
To see where you stand.
Do not worry for me,
I will handle my affairs.

Do not put me below you,
I do not belong there.
I am no worse than you,
Nor am I better.

I am merely me.
Refusing to be changed,
By the likes of you,
Or anyone else.

You do not know me,
Nor what I have endured.
Knowing only what told,
You know nothing.

Mere Mortal,
Do you truly believe,
That you know who I am,
By what you see with eyes?

You have truly failed,
For trusting your eyes.
What is important,
That can be seen?


Have You Forgotten?

I’m just like them,
So innocent and cute.
Never seeming to care,
Even with these tears.

My stomach growls,
From the lack of food.
Yet man’s best friend,
Is given great feasts.

Spoiled rotten,
These animals are.
A bed, food and home,
Things I truly need.

You hate their death,
But look past mine.
Have you forgotten,
How I am hurt?

Beatings I suffer,
I die by myself.
Food I lack,
Starvation stealing life.

I am the child,
The single stolen breath.
Man’s best friend,
Has come before me.

I die a slow death,
Suffering quietly.
No sound is uttered,
As I breathe my last.

Four things.


I wake with thoughts,
Thoughts of darkness.
Slowly beginning to creep,
Into my dark mind.


Thoughts of pain,
Telling me to hide,
To hide from everyone,
And things that scare.


I regret and hope,
Those two things clashing.
Regretting the past,
And hope for no repeat.


I find grace with Him,
The One who created,
My very soul He made
He gives me peace.

- Child
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The Sayings of a Maiden Child
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